What do Headhunters do?

Even during the best economic times, it is only a small percent of general hires use the services of Columbus headhunters. However, the fact that they continue being in high demand, and that client companies to pay they typical fees which can be from twenty to thirty-three percent of the first year salary of a placed client, is a great indicator for the economy as a whole as well as for those looking for a career advancement.

Here are a few professional insights on how recruiters can find the candidates they wish to work with, as well as some tips on getting on a recruiter’s radar and partnering with them:

  1. Work with recruiters who specialize in your skill set, role or industry, Generally recruiters will only work a single discipline, for example, finance, human resources, etc. It is important to gain traction by finding recruiters who specialize in your own aspect of the marketplace. Build a relationship that is open and transparent. Even though working with several recruiters at a time could be beneficial at times, you do not want to have loads of recruiters submitting your resume at the same time to the same company. It is also important that you gain that trust so that both of your will feel comfortable asking and answering the needed questions.
  1. It is important to know exactly how headhunters hunt and therefore make yourself very findable. The proprietary internal database of the connections which over the years are built and nurtured is every recruiting company’s stock in trade. When a new search assignment is taken on, this is the very first place they will go to find the appropriate clients. Make sure they can find you!
  1. One of the key components here is your resume. It is an art and skill to write a standout resume, and it is something that you must do well. As a job seeker, it is crucial that you consult with someone who can help you to write that resume. That being said, it is important that your resume is limited in length and that it can be very quickly understood by whoever reads it.

The trick here is that the reader wants your whole story portrayed in a robust manner.

The great thing about headhunters is that to some degree, they do help to pare down your resume before handing it over to their clients. Remember that the days of writing one resume which you then submit to a wide range of employees is dead and gone. You must always be changing it to meet all the expectations of every hiring manager in each position that you apply with. Keep in mind, however, that this document is one that should be entirely honest.

These four simple tips and pointers can help you make sure that you are on the radar of the headhunters and have a better chance of landing the position you so desire. Make sure that you are always changing and adapting and ready for whatever must be done.